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Podium at VIR!!!!

VIR was our best race of the season! We spent some time testing at our home track before this event and it payed off big! We were finally on pace with the fastest Astons in the field and it showed. Race 1 was not ideal as Brady was hit from behind which causes the diff coolers in these cars to overheat. He still drove great and kept the car in one piece. I was able salvage what I could and bring the car home P5 in class. In race 2 I was hit from the start causing me to drop from p5 to p11 in class. But I kept my head down and drove back through the field with some amazing stragety calls from our team manager chris! I handed Brady the car P5 in class and he went to work putting us on the Podium, P3 in class! Our first pro podium at my home track is something I will remember forever!

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